ASW 28

ASW 28

ASW 28 is an accurate model of standard class glider in a 1:3,75 scale. Model is pleasantly controlled and excells with elegance of modern gliders during the flight. Thanks to the accurate disegn can be easily mistaken for a real plane while flying.

What makes this model exceptional

This model of a real airplane boasts a laminate body and styropor, Abachi coated wings with tails. The body is equipped with a transparent plastic cockpit and wing is fitted with brake flaps – thanks to this design it can be easily mistaken  for a real plane while flying.

You can control the elevator and rudder, ailerons, flaps brakes, landing gear and switching hook on ASW 28 model.

Model folds easily into small car so you don’t have to carry it on the car roof or in a trailer. Removable winglets on wings helps to that too.

Technical data

Span4 000 mm
Lenght1 760 mm
Weight5 500 g
Wing area71,9 dm2
ProfileHQ 3/15
Suitable servosPro křídla: MKS HV 6130, MKS HV 6130H, MKS HBL 6625, MKS HBL 6625 Mini, Brzdící klapky: MKS HV 6100, MKS DS 6100, MKS HV 6110, Pro směrovku a výškovku: MKS HV 6100, MKS DS 6100, MKS HV 6110, MKS DS 6125E, MKS HV 6125E, Vlečný háček a podvozek: MKS DS 1210, MKS HV 777+,

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