Fast and agile RC model driven by an electric motor for more acrobatic flying. The model allows “fun flying”: style of flying up and down, up and down …

What makes this model exceptional

It can fly very aggressively both ways, up and down. Very fancy is perpendicular climb in rolls followed by a falling vertical rolls in gliding flight. It can also handle thermal flying without any problems.

Minion is a variant of Ion PRO model (it has the same body and stabilizer) with a smaller wing span which is sized for a large operational load.


Because Minion is based on the Ion model, you can have two different types of model with two wings and one body.

Technická data

Span1 640 mm
Lenght1 070 mm
Weight1 500 g according to equipment
Wing area27,4 dm2
ProfileMH 30
Engine500 W and more
Accumulator3-5S Li-Pol 2200-4500 mAh
Suitable servosMKS HV 6100, MKS DS 6100, MKS HV 6110 MKS DS 6100, MKS HV 6130, MKS HV 6130H, MKS HBL 6625, MKS HBL 6625 Mini,

The building kit contains all the necessary accessories needed to complete a model and assembly instructions.


With the building kit you will get for FREE a protective cover for the wing and stabilizer in price of € 9,99.

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