Servos designed for engine models and choppers up to 1 kg and gliders up to 1,5 kg.

Servos designed for engine and acrobatic models up to 3 kg and for gliders up to 5 kg.

Servos mounted directly into model wings.

Servos designed for acrobatic models and dummies.


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Servos for RC models

Choose from quality servos for aircraft RC models from a top-class producer MKS. We are the oficial distributor of MKS servos in Czech Republic.

3 reasons for MKS servos

Precise control and durability

Thanks to the high precision of MKS servo you will have your model is always under control. Besides, the servo is also characterized by long life – independent tests have shown lifespan of up to 4000 hours of operation!

Innovation used by world-class racers

MKS is a pioneer in all-metal servos and alternating engines technology. Both technologies have brought more accurate servos, prolong its life and increase strength and speed. That is one reason why world best racers also fitted their models with MKS servos.

Great price / performance ratio

Although MKS servos are one of the best, compared to other manufacturers, their price is much more favorable. In addition we provide the warranty and post-warranty service to servos.